Large insurance companies and emergency assistance providers are among our regular clients. They choose to work with us because of our knowledge and expertise in the field of repatriation, our fast response times and our rapid availability. Meditrans occasionally arranges for patients to be repatriated to the Netherlands but mostly we arrange for patients to be repatriated or transported to other countries.

Depending on the patient’s situation, personal wishes and care need, Meditrans prepares an appropriate repatriation proposal in consultation with its clients. Meditrans has at its disposal everything needed to plan and organise all aspects of the repatriation process, including logistics and administration.

Medical Director
Dr A. Manten joined Meditrans as Medical Director in 2005. He monitors the level of expertise of the professional assigned to a certain case. He advises on the implementation of the repatriation and acts as a sounding board and source of information for medical professionals and operations managers. Where appropriate he also liaises with doctors who advise insurance companies and other medical professionals.

Meditrans complies with the guidelines issued by IATA and OMAR (the Association for Medical Advisors to Repatriation Organisations). Click here for OMAR protocols.

Airline and airport procedures
Meditrans is familiar with airline and airport procedures and arranges all of the necessary formalities for its clients, such as medical (MEDA) and other clearances and ambulance transport to and from the airport.

Meditrans has its own network of medical professionals who escort patients and enlists the services of more specialist doctors at university medical centres. All professionals employed by Meditrans are fully qualified and work in the field of medical care.

Our professionals use the latest medical technologies and are fully equipped in accordance with OMAR protocols.