Our services

In addition to arranging repatriation, Meditrans also offers medical scouting services, medical intermediation and assistance and guarantee of payment. These services are provided through our own global network.

Repatriation from start to finish

Acting on behalf of its clients, for patients whose medical condition is stable Meditrans organises tailored services at both ends of scheduled commercial flights. The patient is collected from wherever they are in the world and transported safely to their final destination.

The process involves the following tasks:

- Assessment of the patient’s situation:
        o Obtaining medical information about the patient
        o Contacting the medical professional in charge to inquire about the patient’s status
        o Assessing whether the patient is ‘fit to fly’
- Preparation for repatriation:
        o Preparing the itinerary
        o Obtaining medical and/or oxygen (POC) clearance if necessary
        o Booking and reserving the means of transport needed for the repatriation
- Selection of the medical escort or formation of the medical team
- Arranging transport, accommodation, travel documents, visas and equipment needed by the medical escort(s)
- Carrying out the repatriation:
        o Acquaintance with the patient, explaining what has been done and what the patient can expect from then on, pre-flight check
        o Checking that the patient and any escorts have valid travel documents
        o Inventory of the luggage
        o Consultation with the medical professional in charge and/or medical staff on site
        o Collecting medical documents (letter of discharge, reports and scans) and medication for several days
        o Monitoring and escorting the patient throughout the trip
        o Delivering the patient to the agreed recipient and taking leave of the patient.

Medical scouting

Acting on behalf of the client, in cases in which there is reasonable doubt as to whether a patient is receiving the right treatment and care, Meditrans can send a medical professional to the country in question. In consultation with our Medical Director the professional will provide the client with a second opinion. Then, if necessary, the professional can play an active role in arranging for the patient to be repatriated or transferred to another hospital, possibly in another country.

Guarantee of payment

If the insurance company does not have a contract with the foreign hospital, Meditrans can provide a guarantee of payment possibly through a third party.

Medical intermediation and assistance

Clients who require assistance with things such as finding a local doctor or hospital, arranging transport and actively seeking solutions to (minor) medical issues can also call on Meditrans to act as an intermediary and provide medical assistance at home and abroad.